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We believe the research is clear when we empower women we empower the world.

We believe single mothers are still an under-served and under-empowered demographic in society at large – and it’s time to change that.

We believe that connection, personal development, resources, and learning are keys to progress and elevation. And we believe that by providing these tools, by working with individual single moms to help them see the opportunities, and by truly investing in the development of single mothers – we can be an active and positive part of that change.

Single Moms Guide to Life (SMGTL) is a global empowerment, women’s network dedicated to these beliefs and to the personal empowerment of women worldwide.

Our goal is to be the most expansive and diverse network of its kind. Our community is made up of successful, motivated, driven, ambitious, fearless, bold and passionate single mothers from various industries and walks of life with one common belief: that We can have it all, Yes, everything we want out of business and life (and then some).

Our members are at all stages of their lives and careers:  from students, young mothers, stay at home mothers, and work from home mothers. To groundbreakers, thought leaders, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, board members, and visionaries. Some are at the top of their fields, and others are on their way. Thousands of women strong, our community is growing by the day.

What we do

Single Mom’s Guide to Life helps women succeed in three ways:

Connect & Network  This community steps in to supply single mothers with the support the may be missing from a partner or immediate family. Connecting with other women is a proven way to raise personal and professional profile.

Networking has been called the number one unwritten rule of success in business and in life. Who you know leads directly to what you know, and your resources, knowledge, and next potential business opportunity is likely to come from your network.

Inspire & Learn –

We are here to maximize our potential as women, mothers, business owners, and parents. Our members have a great deal of experience and expertise that they share with the network. We provide this knowledge through online courses, virtual training, group coaching, in-person events in various cities, our highly rated “Jam Sessions” (weekly webinars) on topics related to practical and people skills, business development and parenting; our member articles, our “Single Moms Guide to Life” podcast series, and video series.

Single Motherhood doesn’t come with a guidebook, so we have created one. Through comprehensive step by step guides and toolkits we equip single mothers with systems to save time, money, effort, and energy. From practical housekeeping and domestic guides on parenting, meal planning, couponing, and cleaning; to career development guides, resume writing, negotiation training, leadership and workplace communication skills training; to “side-hustle” 101, branding, online business, passive revenue and money management. We have mentors and coaches for just about every element of life and business, with our coaching roster growing daily.

Empower –

We believe in the ability to catalyze change through personal and professional development. We take responsibility for our lives, invest in our own development, and use the resources, coaches mentors to elevate our lives, creating opportunity for ourselves.

Members invest in themselves through joining the network, and Mentors, Coaches and Sponsors can connect and empower women through partnerships with SMGTL.


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