Become a Teacher – Single Mom’s Guide to Life



Why Teach on Single Mom’s Guide to Life?

You’ll earn money every time a student takes your class.  Plus, making classes is easy with our simple format and supportive community.

What’s in it for you:

1.Earn Money

Teaching on Single Mom’s Guide to life provides a passive income stream, and that’s the holy grail for Single Mom’s and serious entrepreneurs.

2. Launch Your Career, Gain credibility

3.  Give Back

We’ve all been there…and we wish we had know, what we know now.

The most rewarding part of being a Single Mom’s Guide to Life teacher is empowering Single Mom’s to embrace their creativity, possibilities, passion and change their life and the life of their children.

Being a part of that process with them is such a gift.

How it Works:

  • We will walk you through creating your online course in 30 days
  • Every few days, we’ll send you’ll an email with instructions and tips on how to complete each one of the class creation milestones.
  • We provide the platform for you exposure and marketing
  • Use the Discussions section in our private forum to ask questions along the way and get help from our Teacher Support team.
  • Need extra help? Narrowing down ideas, Finding a starting point etc…Participate in a live Webinar with our Teacher Support team

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