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As a Single Mom’s Guide to Life member you get exclusive access to  the network and community, a comprehensive portfolio of personal, career and business-building resources — and you connect with members, mentors and coaches across the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

The Single Mom’s Guide to Life Network is more than the only Single Mom’s leadership community, it’s a Movement for change and elevation.

Personal, Business, and Leadership development

Mentoring or being mentored is one of the best ways to develop and advance your career. As a Network member, you’ll have the opportunity develop valuable mentor/protégé relationships independently and through mentoring committees at each regional group.

Making new business contacts and connecting with colleagues is one of the top benefits of Network membership. Connect in person at our events, on regional group pages, online with our members-only networking tools and off-line as a mentor, protégé.

Preferred Resources and Content

We’ve partnered with, collaborated with and compiled some of the best resources, exclusive offers and deals for Single moms. As a member your receive exclusive access, pricing and rates.


Career programs

Career Accelerator
The Career Accelerator is a groundbreaking leadership model focused on women’s career success factors. The Career Accelerator provides a foundation for new career advancement tools and workshops developed exclusively for Single Moms in the workplace.

Executive Institute
Our exclusive, in-depth leadership experience for emerging women executives.  accepting applications.

Rising Stars
This midlevel leadership excellence program provides straightforward, practical feedback on job-related skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. It includes competency-building webinars; skill assessments and group coaching.

Webinars and Jam Sessions

Leadership Academy
Our popular career webinar series led by renowned career coach Jo Miller. Six webinars, live or recorded. Free; members only.

Spotlight Mentors and Resources Series
Interview and webinar series featuring selected coaches, mentors, and speakers. Live on selected Wednesdays or recorded with advance registration. Free; members only.

Small Business Series
Learn proven small-business strategies for starting a business, growing business and increasing profits. Three webinars live on select Wednesdays or recorded. Free; members only.

Knowledge Center/ Resources

Online Courses

24/7 access to Online learning and virtual workshops all from the comfort of your home.

Network members have access to a wide range of learning opportunities through speeches, workshops, panel discussions, videos and publications. NEW educational efforts tackle topics like leadership, career management, business trends and diversity. NEW content is always tailored to executives and emerging leaders in the retail, consumer goods and services industry.

NEW members have access to a host of powerful professional collaboration tools, including online connections.

Our Community  makes it easy to make new connections and communicate with fellow members, coaches, and resources.

Group pages
As a Network member you’ll communicate and collaborate with Single Mom’s Guide to Life Network members, coaches and resources near you, invitations, photos and documents specific to your regional group.

Get all access pass to the complete video library of interviews, Jam sessions and members-only webinars.

As a member, you can find everyone and everything you need to know about being and thriving as a single mom, business owner and top earner on this website. You can search and sort members in our Community, find articles about tops and information related to your need using the “Search” function. Update your Profile, manage your membership, access your courses, training, and mentors all from the comfort of your home.