Amy Clark | Confidence Coach

amyAmy is a photographer, confidence advocate and body image guru.

Through her photography and “Confidence For All” course she teaches women to harness the beautiful, bold, fearless women they have inside.

As a military spouse, (meaning she understands the plight of solo moms as she is holding down the fort for months at a time), a veteran and mom of 2 little girls.

Amy has a passion for empowering women find the confidence mojo that works for them. When not wrangling kids or helping women find their groove, Amy can usually be found reading her favorite steampunk series’s, shopping at local farmer’s markets or cooking her favorite Southern recipes.

Amy has been stationed all over the world, from Virginia to Japan and Hawaii.  She currently lives on a little island in Northwest Washington state where she looks forward to enjoying fresh, local produce, thunderstorms and military homecomings.



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