Angie da Rosa, Success and Mindset Coach

angie da rosaAngie is a Success and Mindset coach who helps moms build their confidence, their business, and their bank accounts so they can ditch overwhelm and guilt, and spend quality time with their family.

After having her daughter is 2014, she decided it was time to make some BIG changes; for both her, and her daughter. It wasn’t until it was time to return to work in 2015, that she decided to leave her ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ corporate job of 16 years and venture out on her own. She admits that, it wasn’t an easy task, but, it was definitely worth it!
She left her corporate job with a deep desire to create impact in other women’s lives. She didn’t quite know how she would do that, but she knew she’d figure it out! Her priorities have changed since becoming a mother, and she had to take control of her life if she wanted to make the impact she desperately wanted.
After hiring her first coach to help her out with her natural care products, she quickly learned that coaching was what she wanted to be doing. That it would fulfill her core desire of helping other moms become the best version of themselves, while making money from home so they can CHOOSE how to spend their time. She truly believes that by empowering mothers, you empower their children; and the world could use a hell of a lot more empowered mothers and children!
Angie is encouraging, supportive, and provides the guidance needed to help her clients build their confidence, business and bank accounts while staying true to their values and helping them achieve success; whatever that looks like to them. On the flip side, Angie has some ‘tough love’ in her, so her clients don’t fall prey to self-sabotage, guilt, and overwhelm which frequents so many moms in business.

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“Angie is a real person, with real values, helping other real women build their business and reach their goals. She provides insight and guidance and does it a supportive way so they don’t feel ‘less than’ or ‘unworthy’. She has been there, and she can get you past it!” – Sarah O

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