Audra George, Transformational Life Coach| Life Transition Coach

audrafacebookicon_ibm_desktoptwitter-icon-basic-round-social-iconset-s-icons-0Audra George is a transformational life coach who guides women on their journey through life transitions.

She helps them connect with their divine love, beauty, & power within, so they have more freedom, ease, & confidence needed to live a life that is aligned with their true desires.

After owning a gourmet bakery for several years, she gas gone from making cakes with lots of love, to helping women create delicious lives and businesses that they love. S

he has found that the main ingredient in creating abundance is self-love.

She can be found on Twitter @audraegeorge, &\audrascoaching. Her webpage is .

Admin, Single Mom's Guide to Life

Founder, Single Mom's Guide to Life

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