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copy-of-ruth-2Beth Adams began successfully representing herself in family law in 2002, after two attorneys were unsuccessful in their attempts at gaining positive rulings in her case. After turning her case around, she attended law school, graduating at the top of her class. She has been teaching other people to represent themselves in court, especially in family law, since 2004.
Her first book about self-representation is “Representing Yourself in Family Law” which is available on or directly from the printer at This book discusses the different sources of law, where to find those laws, how to apply them to your case, common documents and processes in family law, evidence, and more. She is currently working on her second self-representation book, this time about the appeals process.
She moderates a Facebook page where people can get general information about family law, such as where to find what the term “joint custody” means in your particular state.
She currently offers document preparation, research, and coaching/education services to selfrepresented litigants. For more information or to contact her, please visit her Facebook page at, e-mail her at, or chat at

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