Monica Boeru, “The Parent-Teen Whisperer”, Life Coach & Parent Educator

monicafacebookicon_ibm_desktopMonica Boeru is a certified life coach, parent educator, and a stepmom of a pre-teen boy.

She is  dedicated to helping parents create close relationships with their teenage children.

Her mission is to redefine how parents view the “problem” years of adolescence.
Having grown up in an environment in which she often felt misunderstood and disconnected, she experienced the negative effects of her upbringing well into her adult life.

She’s done the deep and dirty work to heal herself, and now uses her invaluable lessons to help families end generational trauma and wounding.

Through her powerful work, she empowers parents to give their children a healthier perspective on life and break negative family cycles.
On social media, she’s known as The Parent-Teen Whisperer, and runs a successful and private Facebook group of over 500 parents of teenagers.

For more information, you may visit her website

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