Myisha T, Author, Speaker, Mental Health & Wellness Advocate

MYISHATThe woman you know as Myisha T., the author, speaker, and mental health and wellness advocate – is first and foremost, a thriving single mom.
It’s with that same passion for motherhood, Myisha. works to empower women. She runs a non-profit mental health organization for women of color that offers intuitive wellness coaching for single moms.
Myisha’s expertise as a Social Media & Marketing Strategist for entrepreneurs also allows her to extend mentoring for small business startups to those who benefit from her non-profit organization.
Like every story, the road leading Myisha to her successes was one of trials and tribulations. For years, she struggled with an undiagnosed mental illness dating back to her adolescent years, a life of domestic violence, and low self-esteem.
When it rained it, it poured and in the lives of many a picture takes form; the ideology of suicide was the thing that seemed clearer than all other things.
“My life didn’t matter, I felt like suicide was my only choice,” Myisha said. “I knew someone else would be able to care for my children better than I could.”
In 2012, Myisha was hospitalized after she made an attempt on her life – there she learned she had postpartum psychosis and anxiety. It was time to make a change.
With $205 in her pocket, she purchased a one way ticket to Oakland, California – the lives of her and her family have changed ever since.
Myisha didn’t let her struggles stop her, they empowered her. She knew that her calling was going to help the large number of women of color with similar struggles, something had to be done.
Working through her mental illness with medication, mindfulness, and deepened spirituality, Myisha thrives as a single mother raising three children with autism, anxiety, and ADHD – all while suffering from a mood disorder that causes emotional highs and lows. Myisha is proof that even when the odds are stacked against you, you can win decisively.

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