Shaelyn Christiansen, Transformational Empowerment Mentor

transformational-empowerment-mentorShaelyn Christiansen is a Mama on a mission to help shift the world – one conversation at a time. As a certified Transformational Empowerment Mentor and as a Real Life Book Club Group Leader she birthed her very own brand that is rooted straight from her being, that she calls Changing The Conversation. With the belief that when we change not only the conversations we have with those around us, but most importantly ourselves – our whole world then transforms.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Denver, CO she took her life experience of being raised in a village into a skill of creating deeply rooted connections with those around her while having life changing conversations that couldn’t be had with anyone else.

Starting out her professional career as a licensed cosmetologist she spent 7 years not only working with people’s hair, but primarily their heart. “Clients came to me excited/anxious to share their life, and let me use my creative expression with their hair.”

Claiming retirement from the beauty industry, Shaelyn now happily spends her time in what she calls “Momma-Mode” or as a self proclaimed Spirit Junkie helping guide her clients to joyously live in the Now while intentionally creating the future they desire.

Follow her in the moment wisdom on Instagram @shae_lyn23. She also features two weekly Live interactions on her Facebook page for some motivation on Monday’s and her original Q&A FriYay’s. Sharing thought provoking questions and motivational thoughts to keep you moving in the right direction through your week.

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