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Tracie Jae’s intention is totracie-jae create a world where we think before we speak and relationships of all kinds begin and end with love.twitter-icon-basic-round-social-iconset-s-icons-0240_f_64141696_sf3yej2ijjjvc8z4xlcmb4xcxtajk3r2

As an Introspection Guide, she cultivates activities for adults that help create better intrapersonal relationships. Directing us inward to first ask the right questions, and second, to welcome the answers. Before we can get better at a relationship with someone else, we have to develop the relationship with ourselves.

Tracie has a passion for prompting us to ask ourselves the questions that we might not often ask, or might not want to ask.

As an educator,  she prefer’s the “guide on the side” rather than the “sage on the stage” approach to learning. She may help guide you toward the right questions, but the answers are within you. When working with Tracie you will learn to listen and respond to your own inner voice – which will always lead in a better direction than the outer voice(s).

When she’s not writing and teaching, you can find her laughing with girlfriends and trying not to over-mother her daughters. Her mantra and motto is “Love first. Always.”

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