Tracie Jae | Introspection Guide & Coach

Tracie Jae’s intention is to create a world where we think before we speak and relationships of all kinds begin and end with love. As an Introspection Guide, she cultivates activities for adults that help create better intrapersonal relationships. Directing us inward to first ask the right questions, and second, to welcome the answers. Before we can get better at

dawn k gibson

Dawn K. Gibson, LCSW Generational Changemaker, Body-Centered Therapist, and Transformational Speaker

Dawn K. Gibson, LCSW is a passionate woman, transformational speaker and Mystic Mama who helps you be the woman you want your daughter to become. She has a deep understanding of the sacred role of mother, why women pass down generational patterns to their daughters, and how they can begin to break these unhealthy cycles.

Sagashus T. Levingston | Founder/CEO of Infamous Mothers

Sagashus T. Levingston is the founder/CEO of Infamous Mothers, LLC where she creates products and services that “revolutionize the mothering experience.” These include publications, socially-conscious apparel, workshops/classes and talks. While the work she does resonates with mothers from all walks of life, her niche market is African-American women who mother from the margins. Sagashus is

Shannon Walbran, Spirit Guide Interpreter

Shannon Walbran, coming to us from Johannesburg, South Africa, where she has lived for the past dozen years. Shannon is originally from Minneapolis in the US, but thanks to a long and divinely guided journey, she has visited 47 countries, lived in 6, and is now known as “South Africa’s top psychic.” As a psychic,

Monica Boeru, “The Parent-Teen Whisperer”, Life Coach & Parent Educator

Monica Boeru is a certified life coach, parent educator, and a stepmom of a pre-teen boy. She is  dedicated to helping parents create close relationships with their teenage children. Her mission is to redefine how parents view the “problem” years of adolescence. Having grown up in an environment in which she often felt misunderstood and disconnected, she

Trevina Broussard, Founder, Single Mom’s Guide to Life | Speaker |Consultant

A LITTLE ABOUT THE FOUNDER  I’m Trevina Broussard, a Houston-based Small Business Consultant, Trainer, and Speaker specializing in customer experience innovation and employee engagement. I’m wildly passionate about people’s potential and a champion of women living boldly. Be sure to click here to learn more about membership to Single Mom’s Guide To Life And if you’d like to


Ruth Kudzi, Life and Business Coach

Ruth Kudzi is an empowering, inspiring coach who works with mums to rid them of their negative self beliefs and develop the confidence that they need to make changes to their careers. Ruth is a momprenuer, fashion lover, intrepid traveller and self development geek who is based in London and always available via her Facebook

amber slaughter

Amber Slaughter, Life Architect

You can’t understand something unless you have experienced it, which is why Amber Slaughter is a successful and inspiring Life Architect. Amber not only has the work experience, but she has the life experience, and the ability to reach a diverse audience. Houston-based, Amber is committed to training, motivating and guiding her clients towards shaping

la tanya walker

La Tanya D. Walker – Minister | Speaker| Author| Life Coach

La Tanya D. Walker is an ordinary girl, with an extraordinary story of faith, perseverance and triumph. A story she often shares through motivational speaking. Her story serves as a catalyst for transformation, as she interweaves the good and bad, of both business and life – coupled with professional insight and spiritual wisdom. Having gone through, and overcoming

Angie da Rosa, Success and Mindset Coach

Angie is a Success and Mindset coach who helps moms build their confidence, their business, and their bank accounts so they can ditch overwhelm and guilt, and spend quality time with their family. After having her daughter is 2014, she decided it was time to make some BIG changes; for both her, and her daughter.

clarissa wilson

Clarissa Wilson | Money Coach

Clarissa Wilson is an accountant turned money coach because all women deserve to have financial independence, but she was seeing way too many women lack financial independence through her work as an accountant. When she isn’t watching the Big Bang Theory or 2 Broke Girls, she is helping women build their relationship with their money

Amy Clark | Confidence Coach

Amy is a photographer, confidence advocate and body image guru. Through her photography and “Confidence For All” course she teaches women to harness the beautiful, bold, fearless women they have inside. As a military spouse, (meaning she understands the plight of solo moms as she is holding down the fort for months at a time),