Single Mom. Now What? (PART 2)

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Last week, we talked about the 4 major challenges that single mothers face.

If you missed it, Check it out here.

 Today, we’re sharing Part 2 in this series, and we will be talking about 7 ProTip Strategies (+downloads!) for embracing single motherhood and owning life on your terms:

Let’s get to it.

Here are the top 7 things you can do to completely own Single Motherhood:

Step 1. Embrace your independence.

Embrace your life as a single mom.

Financially take charge of your money and budget – yes, this means you will need to look at your numbers.

Emotionally– find a therapist, there’s baggage – find a professional outlet to help you navigate your emotions, thinking and perspective during this period.  Your mental and emotional health are the most important – your kids need you, more importantly you need you, – so find a professional outlet where you can be vulnerable and release angst and tension to shift you into health and wholeness.

{Free Guide to Mental Health Counseling and Support Groups download}

Step 2. Decide your next move.

Becoming a single mom is not a life sentence – it’s certainly not a death sentence for your dreams, and ambitions, or the life you imagine for yourself.

It’s a life change, transition, an arrangement.

So you don’t need to go about life in survival mode. 

You’ll need to make adjustments – sure, especially at first.

But you can have it all and then some. (Single Mom’s guide to life has your back here…check it out).

You’ll need a game plan, a strategy, tools, tips and techniques. Yes, this is a massive shift in your life – but with change comes new possibilities. As the saying goes –“Just yell ‘plot twist’ and move on!”

Step 3. Get grateful. Start a gratitude journal and commit to journaling things to be grateful about daily. Look for the good in everything until gratitude becomes your internal mantra.

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Step 4. Define (or redefine) yourself. It’s always a good time for self-reflection and realignment. Take this as an opportunity (yes, an opportunity) to define yourself and clarify what you want for your life and children.

“Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning you give it” ~Tony Robbins

Who are you? What do you want? What meaning will you give this change in your life? Will you allow it to make you bitter or better?

Many mothers, wives, girlfriends (myself included)… lose ourselves in relationships or in raising our children. We “backburner” our goals, talents, ambitions for our families, or society’s pressures.

Well – pick those (passions, talents, ambitions) back up.

Who are you? Who do you want to be?

Write a mission statement or create a power statement for when your mindset takes a plunge and you need a pick me up. This will help define your “why”.

A strong “why” can bear any “how”

You will need this for the hard days and nights, it will become an anchor as you elevate your life. Also it gives you a focal point to hold onto as the pieces of your life shift.

You will find very quickly that filling your own cup first is the only way to pour into your children.

{download- 5 steps to owning your story }

Step 5. Find your tribe. Build a team of support around you.

Start by having a strong circle of these 5 relationships.

  • Have at least one other single mom friend. You’ll want someone on your level that can share in your experience without judgment.
  • Have someone you can have a girl’s night or to share a glass of wine with.
  • Hire a therapist, coach, or counselor. Listen, if you’re going to reach your potential, you’re going to need help. As single moms, we don’t like asking for help, but everyone has blind spots. You will need someone you can count on, that’s unbiased to help you see what you don’t see. A lot of times we aren’t able to recognize our patterns of behavior or our connect the dots in our experiences; a strong therapist, coach, or counselor will help you up your game.
  • Find two babysitters you trust. Look on or check with your friends. You will need someone to call when you need an hour or two to yourself. Perhaps your family will fill your need here, but I would still have someone to call in a pinch.

{download ‘How to pick a coach’}

  1. Meal plan like a mofo. Time is short, and you’re going to constantly feel like there’s not enough time. You definitely don’t want to spend 1-2 hours every night prepping and preparing food for your family.

If you’re a single mom, there’s no way around meal prep.

Think of it this way: three hours of meal prep on Sunday saves you 15+ hours of stress each week, plus your budget will thank you. Two birds, one stone.

#PROTIP – Plan for success. Grab your meal prep starter kit.  Also sign up for our weekly meal prep and shopping and coupon list. 

Step 7. Find an additional source of revenue + get personal with your money. It’s almost a sin to not have an additional source of revenue. The biggest struggle you will have will be financial. Lock down your primary source of income and then begin thinking of a side hustle or passive stream of revenue.

[Download five steps to a fulfilling side hustle + profitable money makers you can do on the side]

So here it is mama, here’s your take home message: You live in a time when an unmarried woman can raise a family on her own, earn enough money to have a great quality of life, pursue her passions and romance, and raise amazing children to be amazing human beings.

You are trailblazer. If you want it – you can have it. All. and then some.

This is your life, own it.


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